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I’m a native Spaniard living in California and following my dreams. I am an Integrative Nutrition Coach and Holistic Marketer. In my life journey, I aim to help everyone around me seek and enjoy their own best version of themselves. 

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new ways of living a healthy lifestyle.  I will share plant-based healthy recipes & guides, invite you to informative and cooking workshops as well as update you with Events related to Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Development and Spirituality.

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Inspired by the Mediterranean,
living in CA.  


Hi There! 

You can call me Eli (sounds like Ellie).

I was born and raised in Barcelona but for the most part you can find me elsewhere.
For over three years, I have been calling Los Angeles, CA my base.

To learned how to execute my never-ending business ideas in College and specialized in Marketing. Those ideas turned exclusively into health and wellness related matters after I moved to San Diego in 2014 for a study abroad.

Discover the world by traveling and finding ways to make the world a better place by inspiring others to be the best version of themselves became my priority since 2015. In y own personal Journey I became plant based, quit alcohol and certified in multiple alternative disciplines that support my lifestyle: health coaching, yoga and reiki.

I now combine my talents and expertise in many forms by producing wellness events and retreats, consulting creatively as a marketer and sometimes even representing brands with my image as a model, as long as they are sustainable or health conscious.

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My Three Principles


A Healthy Lifestyle. 
Plant Based Happiness.

We are what we eat.

What food are you nurturing your body with? 

Are you creative in your meals? 






Mindfulness Living.
Yoga & Meditation Practises. 

Observe the fluctuations of the mind. 

Practice every day. 

Master the mind & train the body to be ready to adventure into the unknown. 


Ocean & Sustainability.
Sunshine & Surf.

Water heals. 

It hydrates. 

It calms. 

It cleans. 

It integrates. 

We are water.